Kelly Casey

Head Trainer

Kelly’s love of horses started with Joey the Pony who she was riding at the ripe old age of three. Her competitive spirit motivates her to strive for perfection in the show ring. She enjoys all levels of competition and finds great satisfaction in developing a horse from the lower levels all the way to Grand Prix.  

Kelly instills that attitude in her clients. She has developed an encouraging, positive and goal driven program with a proven history of Junior, Young Rider and Adult Amateur successes

 USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalist

 Brentina Cup Reserve Champion

 USDF/CDS National Champion

 FEI Young Horse National Champion

 National Developing Horse PSG Top Ten

Kelly trains with Bob Tenwolde and embraces his methods that build willing partnerships between horse and rider; leading to happy and healthy atheletes. Bob spent many years training with some of the world's best dressage people; among whom Dr. Schulten-Baumer has been most influential.  Training in Germany, Bob earned his Bereiter's license from the FN (Federation National).  Bob owns and operates a training facility and sales business in Holland.  Kelly hosts quarterly clinics with Bob.


Kate Mullen

Assistant Trainer

Kate Mullen, a USDF Silver medalist, was riding by age 10 with a passion for horses that just continues to grow. She is Pony Club graduate “A”. As a student at Mount Holyoke College, Kate was a riding instructor and a 3-day eventing competitor through the preliminary level. She has been a student of Kelly’s since 2011, becoming Assistant Trainer in 2015.

Kate is a successful competitor and inspirational instructor. She has a unique way of balancing serious work with a sense of humor, creating a supportive environment for students and the entire KCD team. Kate specializes in teaching adult amateurs and juniors, focusing on correct and effective rider position leading to balance and harmony in the saddle.  

Lauren Schrek

Head Groom

If horses could talk they could tell you some entertaining KC Dressage stories. And they would also tell you about the patience and care they get from Lauren. She approaches her work with the sense of responsibility and humor required for a successful and harmonious dressage barn. Lauren’s love of animals has been proven throughout her career. She’s worked with rescue organizations such as the Greyhound Adoption League and the Heart of Tucson Horse Rescue. Before coming to KCD Lauren worked for the Oakland Zoo as an Elephant Barn Keeper. With Lauren, KCD clients have peace of mind, knowing their horses are in good hands.

Boyd Mykrantz

CEO – Chief Entertainment Officer

Young Boyd is by far the most popular member of the KCD team. As a budding rider and trainer he brings wiggles and giggles to the barn and at shows. Boyd is a role model to the entire KCD team. His motto is to have fun, laugh at life, and don’t poop your pants when the going gets tough.


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